Draw Bench
Draw Bench Draw bench for ferrous & non-ferrous Tubes, Wires & Rods
Draw Bench Rotary Draw Bench for drawing tubes in coil form up to 25 mm OD
Draw Bench Over 120 installations in lndia & abroad
Draw Bench
Emphasis on : Material selection
  : Manufacturing process selection
  : Dimensional & geometrical accuracy
Draw Bench Toggle action type pneumatic tube gripping & hooking system for positive gripping
Draw Bench Mechanized trolley reversing arrangement
Draw Bench Die head holder mounted on spherical seat for better straightness in the drawn tube
Draw Bench Riveted construction of chain. Heat treated & ground link & pin
Draw Bench Single or Double plug rod system as per customer's requirement
Draw Bench Pneumatically operated discharging arms for automatic tube collection
Draw Bench Mechanised Mother Tube singling & feeding arrangement
Draw Bench PLC based automatic control with variable speed drive
Rotary Draw Bench
Draw Bench for Tubes
Model Name Pull Capacity Typical Mother Tube
ODxThk Combination (mm)*
PARTH 5 DB 50KN 32x1.5 - 25x2.0 - 20x2.5
PARTH 10 DB 100KN 38x2.5 - 32x3.0 - 25x4.0
PARTH 20 DB 200KN 51x3.6 - 45x4.0 - 38x5.0
PARTH 30 DB 300KN 76x4.0 - 65x5.0 - 51x60
PARTH 40 DB 400KN 90x4.0 - 76x5.0 - 65x6.0
PARTH 60 DB 600KN 141x4.5 - 115x5.5 - 90x7.0
PARTH 80 DB 800KN 141x6.0 - 115x7.5 - 90x10.0
PARTH 100 DB 1000KN 168x6.0 - 141x7.0 - 115x9.0
PARTH 120 DB 1200KN 168x7.0 - 141x8.5 - 115x11.0
PARTH 150 DB 1500KN 194x7.5 - 168x9.0 - 141x11.0
* Material with yield strength of 350 Mpa is considered
Gripping Trolley
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