Tube End Chamfering Machine
End facing machine End facing machine suitable for end chamfering of ferrous & non ferrous tubes such as Mild steel, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper tubes etc.
End facing machine Custom made design to suit requirements of water and gas tubes to Oil country tubes
End facing machine
Emphasis on : Material selection
    Manufacturing & process selection
    Dimensional & geometrical accuracy
End facing machine Single heads on both sides with 2 to 4 tool-tips to obtain desired chamfering angles
End facing machine Size range : from 12.5 mm to 150mm NB pipes and equivalent range for tube to other standardss
End facing machine Provided with walking beam tube transfer device if required
End facing machine Can accommodate any length from 3 meters to 8 meters
Tube End Chamfering Machine
Model Name Tube Size Range* Pressure
Min O.D. Max O.D. (bar)
PARTH 65 CHF 20 75 4.5
PARTH 90 CHF 20 90 3.2
PARTH 115 CHF 20 115 6.0
PARTH 170 CHF 60 170 6.0
PARTH 220 CHF 60 220 80
*All dimensions are in mm.